Thursday, 17 September 2009

Did i mention Twilight?

Apparently I do it quite a lot. I was chatting to a friend in the playground today....we were picking our kids up, not attending school. She foolishly asked me if I'd seen True Blood. Of course i've seen it! I've just watched the whole of season two, back to back over the last couple of days. I need to get my vamp fix from somewhere. TB lead onto me Twilight (obv) and i sensed her fear creeping in as i explained how excited i was getting as time inches slowly closer to the release of New Moon wooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo.

My daughter was in the office talking to Mr Mary the other night, and my screensaver kicked in. It's a delightful Edward Cullen gallery for me to perve over. She said "oh not Edward again" to her daddy, who then informed me i'd even managed to pee a 5 year old off with my Robsession.

I personally don't think i'm that bad,am I? I know worse *cough* Stan ;) I've got the books, three copies of the film, one of those is in Blu-Ray and OMG when he sparkles. Oops there i go again, anyway, a couple of books, a poster, keyring and a bag. Not hugely OTT :)

I've just downloaded a different screensaver for Mr Marys PC, he can thank me later ;)

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