Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I blame Wesley Snipes

It all started with Wes dressed in black leather as the ass kicking, super sexy Blade.
Vampires were sexy, Fact.

I fell in love, well maybe lust but whatever that's when it all started for me. I stayed loyal for years, Wes was my man, no question about it. I stayed with him through all three Blade movies. My husband, kids and family all knew about my love for the leather clad hottie and they went with the flow.....they had little choice really.

Then along came Edward Cullen (PHWOARRRRR) Who in looks is just about a complete opposite of Bladey baby. WTF was happening to me? It was as confusing for my family as much as for me. When my dad found out he was shocked to the core and uttered something along the lines of.....but he's a little white boy!.. I KNOW!! I had noticed!
Blade was my first vamp love, that will never change. Then along came Edward Cullen and totally threw me kicking and screaming into a new obsession. Then i discoverd Eric from True Blood!!!!!!! More about that another time, but i'm sure you can see a pattern forming.
Mary xxx

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