Wednesday, 16 September 2009

It's all her fault, she made me do it ;o)

My God, this is like therapy ;o)! My name is Stan and I'm Twi-sted. So, as Mary has already confessed, she dragged me kicking and screaming into the middle of this obsession that now rules my life. Well, maybe not quite kicking, but definitely screaming. Well, probably more like squealing actually. Sorry, did I say dragging? Oh, ok I confess, I went running in behind her and probably vaulted right over the top of her after she hit the common sense barrier (although she was going a bit too fast and toppled just onto the other side ;o)).

So it started with the books. I remember Mary telling me that she was jealous of me because she'd finished reading them and I still had it all to come, think she must have been in that period of mourning you get right after finishing Breaking Dawn *sigh*. I loved the books, I fell just as in love with Edward as Bella did and New Moon was as traumatic for me as it was for her, not knowing if and when he was coming back. I'd been listening to Mary's appreciation for some bloke called Rob Pattinson.

"Who? Never heard of him, hang on while I Google him - HOW MANY HITS?? Apparently this search is very common ;o). Hmm, really Mary? I'm not sure he really does it for me. Are you sure? As Edward? My beautiful Edward? Oh ok then, I'll give the film a go.....Aaaaah, I totally get it now! <3>

Now, I'll admit it, I've always been a collector, not in the stamps or toy pigs vein but I did have rather a large (and expensive) pushchair fetish for a while. The people who make the Twilight merchandise would have been rubbing their hands together with glee had they known that I had just climbed aboard their beast. I have actually been very controlled - for me that is- but do now find myself the proud and protective owner of a few posters. Big ones. I also have my own specially comissioned Rob mug (my cuppas are now known as having a 'Rob' of coffee), an Edbrella and a recently commanded Rob Annual, complete with wordsearch, quizzes and - my favourite bit - a recipe for making your own Rose Water Perfume! Fantastic!

"Aaah," you're now thinking. "Now this makes sense, she's only 14 years old!" Sadly not. I'm married to a now Rob-hating man who defaced the cover of my annual but usually tries hard to control his jealousy (Hey, nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition right?) and three sons, all who know Rob as Mummy's boyfriend. Don't think I'll actually elaborate further on this at the moment just in case somebody calls Social Services in ;o).

So, that's me. Better go, not checked all the other Twi-sites on my favourites list yet!

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