Friday, 18 September 2009

It just gets better every time

Reading Twilight, that is.

I've just started reading it for the fifth time now and it just seems to get better, and better.

I'm still gutted at the bits that got missed out of the film. Mainly the blood testing bit, I think that would have been brilliant on film, but hey ho I have a very vivid imagination that allows me to picture it all. I have been know to replace Bella with myself, my much slimmer younger self of course ;)

I can almost feel my arms slipping into Edwards soft beige leather jacket and smell his scent......Of course in my mind I look so ravishing that he leaps across the table to kiss my perfect rosebud lips and ....well, that's enough of that for now;)

Straight back down to earth at the thought of the bowl full of spuds that need peeling
Mary xxx

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