Saturday, 19 September 2009

Swinging both ways

Now don't get me wrong, I love Edward unconditionally and irrevocably, but sometimes I just need a Jacob Black fix. Now this makes me a bit uncomfortable as a 32yr old woman. I can justify my love for Edward because, technically he's 108 years old, and Rob's 23 which isn't toooo bad, but there's no getting away from the fact that Jacob is 16 and Taylor Lautner is 17 - and unsettlingly he looks it too, bless him. And this is why I love David Slade's Twitter pic of him backflipping so much - you can see the body without the then inevitable cringe when your eyes finally (admittedly after about five minutes) move up to his face. And it is a lovely face, just a little bit too....17 looking to sit comfortably.

Now was I younger then I'm sure I wouldn't get the maternal feelings about his face that conflict horribly with the feelings I get when I see his body - and what a body! See! Now, I've started my id and super-ego off again, I feel like I'm in the Tom & Jerry scene with the angel and devil on my shoulders.

I was online earlier when I saw the Edward and Jacob cut-outs that are on for pre-order now. So the Twilight siren starts up in my head "NEED THEM, NEED THEM". I was good and resisted (for now ;o)) but then I had to consider, were I to order them, where exactly would I store them? Mary asked me if the idea was to sandwich myself between them - nice idea but then obviously I'm going to need to find a space near a radiator to store Jacob and somewhere chilly for Edward, just to get the full effect you know - attention to detail is very important.

I've still got to work out how, should my finger slip on 'buy' for these two, how I could possibly look Jacob in the eye with my internal conflict raging, I'm guessing it's too much to ask that he stands at book-Jake's 6' 7" so his face is so high up that I can't even see it ;o)

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