Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mummy do you love me or Edward more?

Hmmmmmmmmm how to answer that one?

My 5 yearold daughter asked the question a while ago. needless to say she's now stopped rocking herself and crying ;)

My husband occasionaly lets me get away with calling him Edward....well he wants sex so he has little choice! My oldest son just rolls his eyes and refers to me as a freak, how very rude. And the middle lad inherited my old laptop and was deeply unappreciative of the desktop background and screensavers i'd put on it. Fussy little shit!

Mary x


  1. Wooo! Welcome back Mary! Me & Rob thought you didn't love us anymore :o(. Glad A is ok now. I can't believe she even had the bloody cheek to ask!

  2. lol, so far I've been able to keep my ... issues, from the kids (although one of them nearly caught me doing a photo shoot with mini e in the kitchen once "mommy, did I just see a little man by our sink? Who was that? Where did he go?)

  3. Thanks Stan :) Busy, busy , busy baking cakes but i'm back on track now ;)

    LOL @ Molly. Tell them, free yourself!!!!!

  4. LOL Molly at the 'Little Man' comment!