Friday, 23 October 2009

The pitfalls of FanFic

Yes, I know It's bloody brilliant stuff, but It's soooooooo bloody addictive It's scary.

I don't know how much I've read over the last couple of weeks but my health and housework are both suffering!

It started innocently enough, eating cereal whilst reading fanFic in front of the laptop, easy enough you'd think, NO! It required far too much hand, to eye co-ordination to manouver the spoon to my already gaping gob and accidents happened. Rice crispies in your bra can be quite uncomfortable, especially when you fail to remove all of the little buggers properly and the odd one or two stay in there all day. I thought I had warts when I got undressed!!!

So the next day I grabbed whatever I could find in the fridge and ended up eating quiche and Twiglets together. Very nice combo btw but not really a balanced meal. I'm full of cold now, and I'm sure the unhealthy eating hasn't helped.

As for the housework. Pfft! I'm normally very houseproud.....I actually earned myself the nickname Monica a few years ago, from friends?!.... Well standards have definately been slipping on that front. I had to make myself move away from the laptop to do some jobs. All the time telling myself that as soon as I'd sorted the washing and cleaned the bathrooms I could read at least two more chapters :) I'm still not up to date on my ironing, and I've already started reading another story!! I'll never learn, I'm in too deep now.
I'll end up like her!!! I bet she's reading the Office, dirty biatch


  1. @Mary, PMSL! No, really, I think I actually did! I was cackling when I got to the bit about the warts but then the old gal at the end finished me off!

    She's def reading The Office, then she grabs her stick, heads for the nearest office block and gets her pic taken in the lift for our lemon post below!

    Stan x
    (Thank God for Rob corner, managed to regain my compusure with a quick visit ;o))

  2. S'ok sweetie - that old lady is probably blissfully Twigasming while the other old ladies in the retirement home are pissing in their Depends.

    I once attempted to have a phone conversation with my 70 year old father whilst reading Wide Awake...and I totally zoned out until my dad shouted into the phone..."HONEY? I never knew there was suck a word as fuckery! That's a good one!"

  3. @ Mary - you freakin slay me. (And remember, that's a good thing!) When you are old and feeble, you will still have that something...that...horndog-esq-ness that I love about you.

    And quit buying shit that needs to be ironed. Problem solved!!