Wednesday, 14 October 2009

When you find yourself thinking...Edward would never do that....

You know you're in trouble.

It can happen at anytime, just picking up the dirty, wet towels your other half has left on the bathroom floor and you find yourself thinking.....Edward would pick his up!

Then when It falls out of your gob you and you see the reaction on the other halfs face and he then says "who the fuck is Edward" and your natural reaction is not to worry that you said It out loud, but the fact that he's questioning who Edward is!! Some may think It's then a problem, not me of course, nooooooooooooooooooo. All perfectly normal here ;)
Earlier on Stan told me that she'd seen some Edward cake toppers on E bay. After I accidentaly logged onto Ebay, and typed Twilight into the search box (don't you hate it when that happens) I stumbled upon them. And rather splendid they are Any excuse to lick Edward.


  1. Are those for cupcakes?? If so...I MUST Have them for my New Moon DvD release party. Like you say...licking Edward would only be an additional perk at my party.

    Mama Cougar

    I am a very lucky lady - thought you'd enjoy my Yeah, He's my Edward blog entry.

  2. Hi mary, yes they're for cupcakes. What a fab idea eh??

    I'll check out your blog, thanks xxx

  3. @ Twi-Sted Mary, you will be severely jealous after reading Mary's blog.

    @ Mama Cougar Mary, have I mentioned that I hate you?

  4. oooh, now i want to make some cupcakes!!! (am reading clipped wings and inked armor and cupcakes have new importance now!)

  5. @TwiWeasel severe Jealousy has set in since reading said blog

    @Molly OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG I've read that too. Blogging about it later ;)

  6. @ Twi-sted Mary - Toldja so.

    @ Molly - I saw some adorable PJs with cupcakes all over them, but I couldn't buy them for my 2yo because of that story. I just felt it would be fic has sooooo changed my life.