Sunday, 18 October 2009

It's a lemony old world

Mr Stan came in from work on Wednesday as I was finishing getting dinner ready.  He sat down at the table and announced "Mary says you need more panty-ripping".  I spun round and eyed him quizzically. 
"She sent you a text saying you need more panty-ripping."  I'd forgotten he'd borrowed my phone for the day - and was frankly very surprised to get it back unscathed with it's Rob screen pic and Never Think ringtone.

I ran upstairs to find it.  Oh come on, you wouldn't walk after a message like that would you?  I looked in my inbox and of course he'd edited to suit himself, what she'd actually put was:

I started reading the office.  How about including some pantie ripping ;o)

Obviously the 'pantie ripping' referred to the FF I'm writing and I was quite relieved it wasn't relationship advice. Hmm, this was interesting though.  The Office had been on my To Do List for a good couple of months now but I didn't seem to have got round to reading it for some reason.  I'd finally got Mary to read 'Clipped Wings & Inked Armour' and now felt responsible for the state she found herself in (I KNEW she'd love Tattward muhahahaa!) so recommended The Office because I knew how everyone raves about the Beautiful Bastard.

Well it only took about one more text before I was convinced and sat down to read it. 

FUCK!  I cannot believe that I had been sitting messing around online for so many weeks with that sat in my faves list without reading it!  Well Mary and I very selflessly devoted yesterday to FanFic author support.  We opened Messenger, I opened The Office and Mary started on Wide Awake.  Every so often one of us would make a comment and the other would reply.  Usually with 'Sssh' it had to be said, but still. 

We did manage to have a conversation as well and that was mainly about the way that FanFic changed everyday life for us.  Let me illustrate my point, I think it should work quite well because I know most of you are also FF fans. 

Ok, completely innocent pic coming up...


So....have another look.  Now, what are you thinking?  'Mmmm delicious'?  or 'Mmmm, Tattward!'?

See?  I do try my hardest to live a relatively normal life and not be too Twitarded away from my computer but the mpre FanFic I read, the more associations there are.  The post came the other morning and there was a card for one of my sons from my Mum. 
"Awww, Ollie, there's something for you here today, looks like it's from Nannie, why don't you open it?"  So he does, and I'm confronted with this:


Now he may or may not have wondered why I was sniggering at his card, if he did he didn't ask me about it, which I guess is just as well.  I'm usually that short of a receptive audience for my Twi-ramblings that the chances are I may just have told him.

Mary and I had this discussion just before we settled down on our FF-fest and agreed that day to day life isn't like it used to be.  Things that didn't even register before now make you require a change of underwear.  So, here's a few more of those items:

Sadly no BB in this pic.  Who needs him though?  The windows and table push my buttons now!

An office stairwell *sigh*


Hello Kitty

Now that reminds me, last night I was watching Twilight and after Rosalie is out in the baseball game Carlisle says to her 'Nice kitty'.  EWWWWWW!  FFS, he's supposed to be her father!  Does he even know what he's saying?!  Oh, and I had to switch it off after that, it was the last straw after I spotted that Edward actually has sweatmarks under his arms in the cafeteria 'What if I'm the bad guy?' scene.  I'll go back to it when I'm in a more forgiving mood, it was obviously not a good time for me to watch it if my eyes managed to wander from his face.

Aww, kitty! ;o)

The double whammy from over at Twilighted - the cupcake tattoo

Piercing studio

Shirt buttons

Oh, and the shirt buttons was a good one, it seems Google images knows me only too well.  I search for images of 'shirt buttons' and it gifts me with this:


Now that's what I call a 'result' Google Images ;o)

The next picture caused great hilarity between Mary and myself when we happened across it so we decided to leave it in.  We were looking for something representative of the lift/elevator sex in The Office, and Mary came up with this gem:

"I've spent all day going up & down in this fucking elevator and the Beautiful Bastard still hasn't got in!"
It still makes me ROFL when I see it!

And apparently a Saturday night watching the X-Factor isn't even an escape anymore.  Guess what Mary and I both thought when we saw Olly Murs performing?  Well, here's a picture clue:


You got it yet?

How about now?
*sigh*  Life will never be the same, I'm sure....


  1. Does Mr Stan know about FanFic? He might actually like it. I enjoy reading the Office to my Mr. He likes anything with smut, could care less if Twilight is involved. Maybe it would make Mr Stan more tolerant of your obsession?

    Just a thought from someone who started her own blog to say how much she is in lust with Rob & Kellan. I share most everything with my Mr, but he will never, ever know about my blog. hee hee

  2. Oh. Mah. Gawd.

    The cupcakes *mmmmm* the windows *moan* the stairwell *sigh* the elevator *WTF?!*

    I see you failed to mention MY take on the panty ripping. *snicker*

    Did anyone notice that Rob's shirt is mis-buttoned in that pic? And the stain on his pants? That's because I'm in the car in the background, and he just left it. His hood is up because he has a major case of just been fucked hair.

    I wish...