Thursday, 8 October 2009

We're normal. Fact!

Well pretty normal compared to some. I just found myself innocently Googling some vampire stuff and found these :
The weirdos......
mmm i used to date a goth guy who fancied himself a bit of a vampyr as it were... and had a bit of a blood fetish...
i must say, it did make things very, very hot... but it was strange in a way how turned on he got when i mentioned i was on my period...
that whole era, the clothes, the way of life, it all screams sex to me...

Anyone else find vampires/blood sucking to be an arousing idea? I was majorly into vampires when I was younger, and I've always thought that vampire-themed sex would be tantalizing. As I've also been interested in IV drugs for a while now, I've also found the idea of being injected by a partner a VERY sexy idea, in a rather vampish way...I suppose I associate IVing and vein-sucking?
I've looked around for good (classy, costume-filled, with real sets) erotica or imagery that is vampire-themed, but I've never been able to find any. Anyone know of any good sites or videos? I'd also love any books along these lines, if such books exist...

Count on it ... dressing as vampires is a big turn-on for Emma and KevinThe Ridiculous.....vampires, those undead
Hmmmm not my idea of a sexy vamp!

The proper freaks!!
Then you know you've gone too far ......
A lesbian member of a blood-drinking vampire cult and her lover have been sentenced to life in prison for the sexually-motivated murder of their housematePhysicists Prove That Vampires Yummy!!


  1. {{{shudder}}}

    I'm sorry but the phrase "classy, costume-filled and real sets" in regards to erotica is just...Ewwww.

    And when I'm on the rag...he's nowhere near Double Ewww.

  2. Wow, that firmly assures me that I'm nowhere near crazy! I still have a grasp on reality at least! I know I'm acting like a 12yo fangirl, but, also know that IT'S NOT REAL!

  3. See, I told you we were normal :)

  4. Jeeeeeeez! Indeed you're right Mary, normal indeed! Reassuring. Aah, and things are back to normal here, I'm Twi-blogging, Dave's watching Rachel Allen in the other room ;o)

  5. @ Mary - I've just read Stan's blog for the day and I gotta tell you...I don't think she's normal! *snicker*

    No really, I [puffy heart] you, Stan!

  6. @ TwiWeasel.....I've known this for some time now. The trick is to just nod and smile at her ;)