Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The other Cullen men

Lets not forget the other Cullen men. They're worth taking a look at when Edward's not around ;)

Emmet is bloody gorgeous.


The lovely Dr

Then there's jasper. He doesn't really do it for me but i'll put a couple of pics in anyway.

See, WTF is with the hair??? That's not right.


  1. Hello...I'm TwiWeasel. And you're Mary and Stan. Nice to meet you, Mary - I already know Stan. Hi, Stan! *waves*

    Gotta say, Dr. Cullen could take my temp any day (hee hee). so much. And Emmett...sigh...lose the hat, add some scruff, lose the shirt...ahhh perfect!

  2. Helloooooooooo TwiWeasel, nice to meet you :)
    I'm with you on the Dr and Emmett, especially if they were shirtless. Do you think we could start a petition to demand some shirtless action in a future film????


  3. Sorry, how rude of me, I should have introduced the two of you.

    Mary, this is TwiWeasel, she's a PattzWhore

    TwiWeasel, this is Mary, she's a PattzWhore too

    I think you'll both get on well, you're the only two trusted so far with my story, see, my two most priveleged people :o)

    I can't remember which blog I read it on the other day, but someone was pondering over New Moon and Eclipse being marketed as

    'Taylor Lautner, now with less clothes' PMSL! And I agree, it's criminal to keep Kellan Lutz shirted.


  4. Yay! PattzWhores Unite! We could be like the three muskateers! All for one and one for...fuck off he's mine! I saw him first! *a hair pulling, clawing scuffle ensues*

    Hmmmm...maybe not.

    Awwww...Stan, you've made me part of your inner sanctum...eww that sounds gross, but it wasn't meant to. As I have always been under priveleged *sincker* I am honored and priveleged to be one of your two most priveleged people. Was that redundant?

    Hee Hee...yes, let's get a pettition started to see more half naked men in the future films!

  5. Pmsl @ the 3 Musketeers tussle!

    And yes, you are indeed most priveleged, remember that next time you're picking my chapters to pieces ;o)