Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Just appreciate the bod

I know, I know he's sooooooo young but check out the bod on that!
If you cropped his head off you'd never even know!

That's all, just thought i'd share. mainly for Stan ;)


Hi, Stan here *waves*.  Thank you very much Mary, don't mind if I do ;o).  Actually as I sit typing now the picture has very helpfully moved up enough to cut his head off as you suggest (pauses for another look).

Hmm, I'll be honest with you, it's been a tortuous 12 hours or so for me.  I'm not sure who I've discussed this with before, but I have been a bit of a closet Team sort of Jacob defector from time to time.  Don't get me wrong, I love Edward just as much as always but, you know, every so often I like to get myself a bit of a Jake fix.  Not a problem at all whilst it was just me and my books (not real life, see? ;o)), but enter Taylor Lautner?  Whooooooaaa.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Now this wasn't too bad after Twilight I mean, he's just a kid playing a character that I happen to like (quite a lot) in the next two books when he's like 6'7" and all buff and beautiful.  I mean, where does this fit in?:


See?  He's like, 16 and he looks like this.  It's all good.

Then, suddenly the first New Moon trailer comes out and WTF???!!!  We have this???!

*Splutter*!  Now this I have a problem with.  It's wroooong.  I look at the pics of him like this, I get all those feelings that you get looking at 'MEN' with bodies like this and then I suddenly remember.  And I get all of these feelings of guilt and wrongness and think 'Noooo, that's someone's son!'.  And I have no idea where I get these 'someone's son' issues from with Taylor, because I know Rob is someone's son ("Hi Mrs P!") and I to be honest I really don't give a fuck, when thinking of all the kinds of dirty I want to get up to with that man, whose loins he sprang from ("Sorry Mrs P, just being honest here, you've got to respect that, right?"), but thinking of Taycob in that way just feels...abusive *shudder*.

And yet recently we've had more pictures released (reproduced here for my own pleasure)

and gradually, I have to say it's getting a bit easier to look at him without feeling like I have to burn my eyes out with red hot pokers afterwards as punishment for the terrible, sinful thoughts I've had (maybe just cold pokers).

Then last night I was blog-hopping and found yet more new pictures.  And guess what??!!  I've finally found one that doesn't make me curl into an anguished ball crying out 'But that's someone's son!'.  I was even brave enough to create a new Taycob folder within my Rob one.  So, is it this one?

Nope, look away, look away, clearly someone's son!

Perhaps then it might be this one?

Nope, that'll just be someone's son at the gym  Fab arms though... NOOOOO, WRONG!

Well then, I guess it must be......

Holy fuck!!!!!  Oh yeah, that's the one!  PHWOAR!!!!




    Taycob is the ultimate naughty dichotomy...deliciously sinful body, but that sweet face and bubbly, youthful demeanor that make you feel dirty, lewd, lacivious and ashamed for even noticing the chiseled pecs.


  2. Soooo true Mary. His poor mother!

  3. LOL! Thanks for the link back here, Stan. Too funny!