Sunday, 11 October 2009

The tedium of everyday life then the joy of Twilight

I actually had to Google the word Tedium then just in case I'd made it up....however I hadn't :)

Anyway, I just thought i'd run you through my day yesterday to show you how mundane life really is but it can end in a good way if you treat yourself to a viewing of Twilight at the end of it.

The day started as per usual, a ciggie and a coffee before I can function! Then a quick tidy around picking up the crap that husbands and children think the cleaning fairy miraculosly comes in every night and shifts for them. Then upstairs to beautify (read as make myself look more human) and dress for oh such an exciting day ahead. As I headed for the car my daughter A insisted on bringing her pram which she first had to empty of various little people, naked Barbies and colouring stuff and then had to find the right baby to put in it. This resulted in me standing at the door slowly losing the will to live whilst son J sat in the car moaning he was bored.
We finally got to our little town centre with the pram and correct baby in situ, so off we trundled. The kids were STARVING naturally and A wanted a sausage roll from Greggs. She then had trouble pushing the pram and eating her sausage roll along the cobbled high street. I point blank refused to help push the peppa pig micro pram along the busy high street as it would mean me being doubled over with my rather large arse sticking in the air for all to see. J would rather die than be seen pushing a pram obv, so it was rather slow going to say the least. After then spending 10 minutes for J to choose the most revolting day glo gloves and hat I've ever seen, and had to pay for! We moved onto Boots as A has the most beautiful Renesmee curly hair you've ever seen but costs a small bloody fortune in products to keep looking in tip top condition.A displaying her curls :)

Off to buy myself a scarf and gloves now. A loves shopping and insisted I tried them on so she could see how they looked. J had completely lost the will to live by this time and wandered off on his own to look at clothes there's no way i can afford to buy him, the obv sulks followed grrrr.
Then oh joy of joys we tackled the supermarket. Morrisons on a Saturday morning!
As I left home i'd asked the oldest sprog to empty the bin and make his bed. Of course being 17 years old and the fact that the jobs I'd asked him to do had nowt to do with the X box 360 whatsoever, he forgot. So whilst putting the shopping away and shouting at the same time as tripping over the overflowing bin, all the kids conveniently disappeared to leave me muttering and moaning to myself about how I should have said no and kept my bloody legs closed!!!!
The afternoon continued with the usual washing, cleaning, cooking, shouting some more at the sprogs for making more mess etc.
Then it was my time, Twilight time :) I assumed the prone position on the sofa with snacks and drinks and pressed play. Heaven *sigh* for all of 10 minutes at least anyway. The oldest came in and said "OMG not again you freak" J had pretty much the same reaction and A just said "moooooooooooooom , Edward again?"

They pretty much left me alone then to enjoy the film in peace, with A occasionaly looking up from her colouring to quote several lines or say things like "here comes James" and " what special powers has he/she got"

Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to prove that if there was ever an excuse needed to indulge in a bit of Twilight relaxation, then I think I had one :)


  1. I love your description of the day, especially the image of A trying to push the 'micro pram' while she ate her sausage roll! At least it had a happy ending :o)

  2. I want to watch Twilight again!'s been months! I think I will this afternoon.

  3. No excuse needed. We all need a little time to get away from annoying kids, outside jobs and/or spouses. Glad you were able to enjoy some quality Twilight time.

    My 10 year old boy always says "stop reading those vampire books". Good thing I don't listen to him. LOL